• Shoulder bag Le Messager
    Shoulder bag Le Messager

    Discover our shoulder bag Le Messager: in waterproof pvc tarp, it will become your best friend for your everyday life with its large shoulder strap and several compartments. 

  • Briefcase Le Studieux
    Briefcase Le Studieux

    Discover our briefcase Le Studieux: in waterproof pvc tarp, it is perfect to go work, study and carry your personal and business belongings.

  • Backpack Le Dandy
    Backpack Le Dandy

    Discover our backpack Le Dandy: in waterproof pvc tarp, it will follow you all day long with its removable handles. Elegant and multi-function, it turns into a briefcase in a snap!

  • Weekend bag Le Nomade
    Weekend bag Le Nomade

    Discover our weekend bag Le Nomade: this 48h bag in waterproof pvc tarp is ideal for unexpected getaways and business travels. Cabin size.

  • Travel bag Le Globe trotter
    Travel bag Le Globe...

    Discover our travel bag Le Globe Trotter: in waterproof pvc tarp, it will follow you throughout the adventure.

  • Shoe bag Le Vertueux
    Shoe bag Le Vertueux

    Discover our shoe bag Le Vertueux: originally designed for golfers, it will keep your shoes spotless in any situation.

  • Pouch La Fidèle
    Pouch La Fidèle

    Discover our pouch La Fidèle: in waterproof pvc tarp, it will be your most loyal companion and will keep all your personal belongings.

  • Toilet bag L'Infidèle
    Toilet bag L'Infidèle

    Discover our toilet bag L'Infidèle: for an unexpected getaway or simply for a daily use, it will keep all your toiletries safe.

  • Tablet pouch La Connectée
    Tablet pouch La Connectée

    Discover our tablet pouch La Connectée: in waterproof pvc tarp, it will protect your tablet or Ipad from liquides, scratches and impacts.

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