Since 2009, the French brand SKIMP from Lyon recreates daily accessories to make them fun, smart and original.


SKIMP is above all a story of adventure and travels. Have you ever heard of these famous colored plastic belts ? Next time you are at the airport, on a golf course or even a ski slope, look very closely you might notice one of them !


For the most curious ones, this is how it all really started :

The day before a business trip to Tokyo, I bought myself a splendid crocodile leather belt, perfect for the occasion. On D-Day, while a very short transit time in Frankfurt and yet another security check, one again I had to remove everything : shoes, watch and belt… With only 5 minutes left before departure and afraid of missing my flight, I totally forgot my belt at the security checkpoint… Mad at myself, I started thinking. The idea of a metal free belt only made of plastics and suitable for modern advendurers suddenly stroke me. Goodbye beeps, time lost getting dressed, welcome to other travelers’ envious looks and amused smiles of security officers. And this is how, The « Original » Belt (the one and only) was born.

 Ever since, all our designers love playing with colors and textures always more surprising. From plastic belt loops to light weight foam handbags and a full tarp bag collection … The brand asserts its image with energy and originality.


Here at SKIMP, we love not taking ourselves too seriously and to rewrite the codes in a very colorful way.

And the best part is that all our creations are certified 100% authentic and smart.