For the most curious here's how it all strarted :

"The day before I left for a business trip to Japan, I decided to wear my beautiful belt that I had just received for my birthday. On the day of the trip, during a very short connection in Frankfurt and yet another security check, I had to take off everything again: shoes, watch, belt. Being 5 minutes from the end of the boarding process and panicking at the idea of missing my flight, I totally forgot my famous belt in the checkpoint bin... Disgusted at the bottom of my seat, the idea of a metal-free belt made only of plastic and adapted to travelers appeared as an evidence. Goodbye to the beeps, the time wasted getting dressed, hello to the envious looks of the other travelers & the amused smile of the controllers. And that's how the SKIMP BELT came about. The one, the only, the true was born". Charles-Henry, the founder.

SKIMP, it's above all a storyof adventure and travel :

Have you ever heard of the famous metal-free belts of all colors?
Take a good look the next time you are in an airport, on a golf course, a boat or a ski slope... You will surely come across one of them!

Each of our product responds to an everyday problem :

We try to answer it by using original materials such as recyclable plastic, neoprene or even 100% waterproof truck tarpaulin. We like to mix materials to offer products always more innovative and colorful! At SKIMP, we like not to take ourselves too seriously and to shake up the codes.